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The Association of Boards of Certification in Ames, Iowa ( assists states and provinces with environmental programs; they certify over 150,000 water and wastewater operators, analysts, and testers. ABC produces preparatory materials for certification exams and can ready you for your next certification test. Below are some possible questions that may be encountered on a Very Small Water System Certification Exam. Put your thinking cap on:
Q: If a customer complains about the drinking water characteristics, the operator should record the complaint, and then what?
A: Investigate immediately.
Q: What federal law is designed to protect the safety and health of operators?
Q: What federal law regulates public water supplies?
A: Safe Drinking Water Act
Q: How would you describe dynamic head?
A: It"s the total energy that a pump must develop for pumping to occur.
Q: What causes taste problems and rotten egg odor: chlorine, benzene, nitrate, or hydrogen sulfide?
A: Hydrogen sulfide
Q: What are the two main causes of hardness in water?
A: Calcium and magnesium
Q: What are the two main safety concerns when entering a confined space?
A: Oxygen deficiency and hazardous gases
Q: What must an operator wear when entering a confined space: boots, harness, gloves, or goggles?
A: Harness
Q: Convert 60.5 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius:
A: 15.8 degrees Celsius
Q: When bringing community water service to a home with a private well, what is the most positive method of preventing a cross connection between the two systems?
A: Complete isolation between the two systems using an air gap.
Q: Where should liquid bleach be stored?
A: Away from equipment that is susceptible to corrosion.
Q: According to the USEPA drinking water regulations, the owner or operator of a public water system which fails to comply with applicable monitoring requirements must give notice to the public when?
A: The operator must give notice within three months of the violation to a daily newspaper in the community served by the system.
How did you do? If you need further training materials for your certification, contact your state certifying authority for suggested reading materials.

By Neil Whitehall
Get Water Treatment Jobs, Contributing Editor

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